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How to Choose a Packaging Company

As said earlier all kinds of business need packaging. Even if you are a farmer then also you need packaging solutions for packing your vegetables or fruits. Packaging Design Company is highly essential in the food industry and the edible eatables industry to make sure packaging and shipping does not degrade the quality of the food. In other industries, green packaging with the help of Bio plastics, biodegradable paper and recycled glass are being used in the form of promotional packaging design. The first step is finding a company which provides these so called innovative packaging solutions.Image

Searching : The searching for an promotional packaging design can be easily carried out on the internet. You can use search engines like Bing or Google to get results on all packaging companies which provide innovative solutions for packaging. Try and stick to the first few pages of the search engine results because they are said to be more authentic as compared to results on pages ahead. Another way of searching for companies is by using the phone book. All registered packaging companies would be here. You can call them up and inquire about their services. Searching through the internet is a better option and saves a lot of time and also gives you more appropriate information. Internet will help you get a better idea about the innovative solutions that the packaging company is offering.

Selection : Selection is the most crucial part of choosing the right packaging company. after you have done your research about packaging companies you have to weigh the pros and cons of each and every company so as to decide which one is the best. You can read customer feedback and company reviews to get a better idea about the prices and the performance of the company. This way you will have a better idea as to what you are dealing with. There will be no surprises and shocks later on. Everything will be known beforehand.

When you are checking the credibility of a certain packing company, the things that you should include, the type and size of boxes they provide for boxing purpose, the quality of the packaging tape used and lastly the wrapping material used. You must also check out the behavior of the packers to ensure they will not cause any damage to your product due to mishandling. After you have considered all of these factors you can now choose the right packaging design company for your business.


Choosing right packaging for fragile items

If you have received a mass of rubble assuming it to be a beautiful flower vase which you had ordered from a distant store, then you surely know there was something seriously wrong with the packaging of the product. As a marketer, you can well imagine yourself to be in the consumer’s shoes and understand his fury on receiving a broken or a damaged product which is of no use. Traditional packaging techniques like stuffing paper and thermo coal are not adequate to provide complete protection.

If your company manufactures fragile items, then it becomes even more imImageportant to choose correct packaging. Thankfully, packaging design company have made it possible to ship fragile items safely over long distances. Today, there are various types of packaging materials and equipment available that suit the needs and requirements of different types of goods. The type of goods transported becomes varied day by day and hence, packaging materials are also constantly evolving. This has resulted in a whole new world of packaging and innovative packaging design. Creative packaging often involves developing customized packaging to suit the exact needs of the product.

Products like electronic items, glass, porcelain and ceramic artifacts need to be well protected against impact, jolting and vibration when they are shipped across long distances. Packaging materials designed for such products do not just provide shock absorption, but they also double up to help the product or the package achieve a size and shape. Especially if the product has non-standard dimensions or a shape, such packaging materials serve as adapters for effortless transportation.

Shock absorbing packaging materials work by soaking in a portion of the jolt received by the kinetic energy generated when the product hits another hard object or when it is accidentally dropped on a hard, abrasive surface. Polystyrene foam beads are known to provide maximum protection as the beads are usually compressed in a film sealed with vacuum.

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Choosing between an experienced and a new packaging company – Things to look out for

Packaging is one of the deciding factors of any product’s success or failure rate. However, many a times, it is neglected by marketers as importance is laid to other aspects of the product like pricing and distribution. Packaging creates the first impression on the end buyer and thus, it needs to be done with great attention to detail. Choosing a right packaging supplier is the first step towards meeting the packaging requirements for your products. You need a packaging supplier who is reliable, flexible and also affordable. Any Dubai packaging company you approach will offer various packaging options and competitive prices. However, you need to draw a checklist before you select any packaging company.Package Design Company

As a seasoned marketer, you should first find out the experience of the packaging company. Any Dubai packaging company you hire may have years of experience or no experience at all. If you are willing to take the plunge and cut packaging costs, you may hire a company which is new to the industry. However, you should find out whether the packaging firm you have chosen provides adequate primary as well as secondary packaging solutions.

If you opt for an experienced packaging company, you should find out whether it has a well-skilled in-house team. The packaging company should offer some innovative packaging designs and cost effective solutions. The in-house team of the packaging company should be well equipped to research and examine new concepts and ideas when it comes to effective packaging and storage. This ensures there is less risk involved if you wish to try the new ideas and concepts.

If you have an in-house team to handle the packaging requirements, then they can communicate well with the packaging company. Experienced or new, the packaging company should provide packaging solutions across product lines and categories. A good packaging company should understand the evolving needs as well as limitations of retailers. This shall make you accessible to more markets which in turn drive sales by volume and numbers.

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How To Paper Packaging Company in Dubai

The objective of effective product packaging design doesn’t end with appealing and attracting the shopper but ought to also create an ideal customer experience. Packaging ingredients such as partitions, foam inserts, or peanuts ensure that the item is shipped without breakage. Product packaging design can also create the product simply to access. If there is more than one item in the package, or if the item has multiple parts, effective packaging design ensures that all the products are well organized and comfort to locate. When shoppers visit a retail store, a barrage of items and alternatives visually assault them, many shoppers are attempting directly with your brand. As shoppers scan the shelf, they can determine which items to buy in a matter of seconds.images

In that time, if the product packaging doesn’t immediately “impress” and “grab” the shoppers’ attention, they will buy something else. Manufacturers of paper packaging and products employ professionals who can help you with graphics and colors that grab a shopper’s eye and make your item impressive among the competition.

Today’s sustainable packaging design companies Dubai provide creative, innovative packaging design solutions to firms, thus, bringing low carbon footprint. For example, a new company based in USA and with branches in Australia and UK, has been developing the paper packaging solution that “combines components of pulp paper with an exact printing technology to develop highly sustainable and original packaging.” Developing brands are about making businesses visible so that people can be aware of its existence. People have to be aware of the business’ existence and prefer to use the products provided by the company as much as possible. Companies continue to attract prospective and existing customers, with quality as the main denominator.

According to Paper Packaging Company in Dubai, in 2010, 99% Dubai households bought brands; 70% of retailers rated the brands quality as better than private brand name; and two out of three brand consumers decided which brands to buy. In fact, consumers, regardless of what they’re looking in the food, beverage, and personal care items, make 70 to 80% of their decisions at the shelf. The growth of the packaging industry has been boosted in part by recession, as cost-efficient consumers actively searched for approaches to save money and time.

Today, the most popular practice in product packaging design is towards the use of quality materials. These are the ones which are recyclable and also biodegradable. Dubai Packaging Design Companies are your perfect packaging solution for all the products you need. They supply it all, from recycled paper, waterproof paper, grocery paper, industrial packaging paper, Kraft Paper items. Please take your time through their packaging paper item supply to locate surely what you need for your product packaging solutions.

A Dubai Based Packaging Design Company You Can Trust!

Welcome to AROPACK, a Dubai Packaging Company ! Aropack is a enthusiastic and vibrant design practice, with characteristically focused resources in the areas of Branding, Packaging Design, Corporate and Industrial projects. You have found the leader in Innovative and custom packaging design. We specialize in several different packaging areas such as Consumer Packaging, Industrial Packaging, Transit Packaging, Promotional Products, and Protective Packaging etc. We use materials including Corrugated Board, Solid Board, Foams, Fiber Inserts, Thermoformed Plastics, Grapgic Board, Paper, Leather, Injection Moulding, Metal, Textile, Wooden, Tin and so much more.


You will be glad to know that you’ve contacted one of leading and fastest growing packaging companies in Dubai! We have achieved this goal via our agility, innovation, loyal relationships and customer service. Whether your stuffs are in the retail or industrial markets, we have the appropriate solution for whatever your product packaging design needs may be. Our product packaging design team is fully professional and we are always on the latest packaging methods.  We provide creative packaging design solutions to businesses around the world, with customers in Dubai, India, South Pacific, USA, Europe and Sri Lanka. We offer a very personal, professional, and very affordable solution suited to these short economic times.

Currently, we’ve been exploring innovative eco friendly and product packaging design services. While we have always been careful of using recycled product packaging design and environmentally friendly product packaging design, we have found that lots of manufacturers are making this cost of packaging effective and available.

Our Dubai Packaging Design Solutions for:

Paperboard packaging design
Beverage Packaging Design
Large format product package design
Food Packaging Design
Wine, Spirit, and Beer Packaging Design
CD and DVD Package Design
Wholesale Packaging Design
Product Label Design
Innovative Packaging Design
Supply chain services

Innovation Services

Graphic Design
Structural Design
Sustainable Packaging Design
Artwork Services Production

Supply chain services

Monitoring e-supply chain
Electronic order management
Supply chain diagnostics
Purchasing and checking materials
Total cost of ownership
Printing and documentation
Packaging service centre
Pallet and transport collaboration
Display and promotional fulfillment solutions
Immediately respond to demand changes

We offer you quality product packaging design services and solutions that will distinguish your brands and attract the customers.

Why choose us for product package designing?

100% satisfaction about your demands and requirements
Maximum ROI
24/7 customer support
Highly skilled team
Increase revenue and sales
Affordable product package design services
And lots more benefits

Outsource your product packaging design services to Aropack worldwide and save your cost. Send your project requirement details on we will reversion back to you as soon as achievable.

Only Ideal Packaging Design Companies Dubai Can Save You from Dour Consequences

Packaging design plays a vital role in demonstrating the attractiveness and ethics of a brand. Selecting a brand name along with a signifying logo are the two important of starting a new business. A perfect packaging design is one which includes all the basic details with accurate description of items which the organization deals in.
Packaging Design
In this competitive world, it has become essential for every brand to do the effective marketing in proper way. The best way of getting the ideal outcomes is to hire a Packaging design company Dubai. Packaging Design Companies Dubai will help you in creating an ideal brand name which will act as the recognizance and identity of your business. There’re many advantages of working with a packaging design companies Dubai. These companies provide excellent packaging and branding solutions which will certainly boost the competitive advantage and reduce the rate sensitivity. As a result, you can comfortably boost the performance of your brand. Packaging company play an essential role in the making of logos. Hiring an ideal Packaging Design Company Dubai isn’t difficult these days. With the advancement of technology in online world, you can simply find one. But a few things have to remember before hiring the packaging company Dubai you want to work with.

Authenticity of the packaging design company and its previous clients give you proper knowledge about their effectiveness and reputation. Verification of concerned packaging company could be cross checked by appropriating in touch with the other packaging companies Dubai it has or working with. But you have to remember the things which you want in your packaging design before going for appraisal of any company. There are two ways on which these companies work. They will either aid in packaging and branding a new product or they just re-design your existing product. They first fully understand the customers brand, business, and items involved and then start to research about the potential and existing audiences, competitor landscape, etc. It, in turn, makes a summarized detail of characteristics, needs, and environment of your audiences.

Once the prospective audiences have been identified, these packaging companies will help in positioning your product apparently so that your brand stands out from the crowd. After identifying and understanding all the basics of your brand, the next step is to make a brand name for your business. While making the brand name, be sure that it has the prospective to efficiently represent your brand, and products. Packaging Design Companies Dubai can certainly provide you with the most memorable, appropriate, unique, and highly appealing packaging solution.

After creating a brand name, next ought to be prepared is logo. Since logo is the base of your brand and face of your company, it ought to be unique, vibrant and relevant. Managing your brand name is quite essential in order to get best results. It can involve creating those approaches which can put you aside from competition.

Therefore if you want to make a strong impact in the popular competitive markets you need to consider well or get aid from Packaging Company in Dubai at just a click away because an attractive branding is the soul and heart of a successful company.

Pertinence of Packaging Design

Every day we come across a plenty of packages, when we do shopping for buy some personal products such as cosmetics, clothes, bags, perfumes, shoes or etc, packaging is a factor that we consider before buying the products. A product with an excellent packaging will look more appealing and attractive to eyes. Therefore, the style can definitely impression our buying decision. Generally, Packaging is an art of covering or packing the items. A perfect packaging by a good Packaging Company in Dubai protects the items from spoilage or damage during the process of warehousing or transporting.

Lots of the top branded items use a kind of packaging known as innovative packaging design for their brands with the help of several Packaging Companies in Dubai. Today there are a plenty of Packaging Companies which offer excellent packaging services at affordable prices. Packaging an energy drink in the dumbbell shape is an excellent example of innovative product packaging design. People who have creative and imaginative ideas for innovative product packaging have good career opportunities in UAE or Dubai packaging.

It is essential for you to know the appropriate features of a successful and effective design so that you can create a product packaging design which will create your brand image stand out from the business competitors.

A successful Packaging design ought to include:

•    Being a retail entrepreneur, you ought to always give a reason to your audiences showing why they would choose your brand over the others. Why to purchase statement permits you to attract your brand with your audiences clearly and easily. This Why to purchase statement tells them what the brand actually does. Basically, this why-to-purchase statement ought to be written in large and bold text. Be sure this why to purchase statement is situated at the front of your package.

•    You should highlight the product promise statement of your brand in top of the package. The statement ought to be informative and simple so that customers ought to know all the features about the item and how can they take avail from it.

•    Your packaging design ought to be such that it instant grabs the attention of the audiences. Always remember that this is the good experience of the audience with your brand. Therefore, the structural design should create “never-to-be-forgotten” introduction.

•    The graphical packaging design of the product should match with structural packaging. If it doesn’t happen, then potential audiences will lose interest in your brands. You can hire any of Packaging Company in Dubai to work well on the graphical packaging of your brands. It’ll assure you that audiences walk away with your brands in the hands.


A good Packaging Company in Dubai boosts the Products sales. Sometimes consumers get bored with the same type of packaging and tend to replace the item with that of a perfect package if there is no much difference in price and quality. That’s the cause why organizations tend to change the packaging design of their brands once in a while.